Marathon Asset Management Corporate Credit
Marathon Asset Management

A multi-year deleveraging process, unsustainable capital structures and earnings uncertainty are driving an attractive environment for opportunistic credit and fixed income investing. The unprecedented size of today's leveraged credit universe and the scale and complexity of capital structures provides a vast investment universe.

Corporate Credit

Strategy focuses on performing, distressed and situational non-investment grade opportunities offering the best risk / reward asymmetry involving:

  • Mispriced capital structures
  • Corporate events in debt (e.g., debt exchange offers, tender offers, debt for equity exchange)
  • Dislocation and mispriced high-yield bonds and leveraged loans
  • Stressed and deeply distressed situations (i.e., restructurings, bankruptcies)
  • Global approach in high-yield corporate securities (U.S., Europe, Emerging Markets, and Asia)
  • Credit shorts (CDS, bonds)

Expected returns are driven by credit selection based on:

  • Bottom-up, fundamental credit analysis
  • Expertise across capital structures
  • Situational and restructuring experience

We have the capacity to invest globally utilizing Marathon's investment teams in London and Singapore. In addition, our portfolio construction reflects strict liquidity, diversification, and risk management parameters.