Marathon Asset Management Structured Credit
Marathon Asset Management

The substantial downturn in real estate market, rating agency downgrades, asset liquidations and lack of capital create highly attractive opportunities for experienced buyers of mortgage-backed securities and other structured credits.

Structured Credit Securities

Invest across a wide universe of highly complex distressed, downgraded and non-investment grade structured credit securities utilizing credit-intensive approach with dedicated teams focused on the following:

  • Residential mortgage-backed securities: RMBS
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities: CMBS
  • Other securities: CLOs, consumer ABS (credit cards, auto loans, student loans), CDOs
  • Commercial Real Estate debt: Purchase stressed and distressed CRE debt and originate opportunistic higher-yielding CRE loans secured by commercial real estate assets [link]

Marathon reverse engineers securities through rigorous, bottom-up analysis to identify and manage highly attractive risk-adjusted opportunities:

  • Utilizes Marathon's integrated capabilities in real estate securities, loans and assets
  • Evaluates collateral at the loan / asset level and conduct in-depth structural analysis
  • Performs extensive stress tests and sensitivities based on proprietary insights

Marathon is one of eight investment firms who manages capital on behalf of the U.S. Treasury's Legacy Securities Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP) [link]